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SBI Shaurya Home loan Interest Rates

State Bank of India, founded on July 1, 1995, ranks among India’s most respected banks. This is an Indian multinational public sector bank with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, which provides financial and banking services to its customers. The Indian government owns the majority of this company.  in July 2012, The Banker currently ranks State Bank of India 60th out of the top 100 banks around the world.

What is the SBI Shaurya Home loan?

The SBI Shaurya Home Loan Scheme is committed to the nation’s Army and Defense Personnel. This special home loan programme will only be available to military personnel. The SBI Shaurya Home Loans will carry lower rates of interest as well as other benefits. It is available to only defence employee candidates. Aside from lower interest rates on home loans, defence employees would also benefit from easier repayment plans and a long payback period of the amount borrowed.

Features of SBI Shaurya Home Loan

  • Interest Rates are Low
  • There are no hidden fees or processing fees
  • There is no penalty for prepayment.
  • Daily Reducing Balance have Interest Charges
  • Repayment period of up to 30 years
  • Interest Reduction for Female Borrowers
  • Interest Reduction in the Event of a Check Off

How to Apply for the SBI Shaurya Housing Loan Online

The SBI Shaurya Housing Loan is a home loan that is designed to help people buy their own homes. This loan offers many benefits, such as low-interest rates, easy repayment options and tax benefits.

However, to be eligible for this loan, applicants must meet certain requirements.  hey are:

  • -Applicants must be a salaried individual
  • -Applicants should not have any outstanding dues with the bank
  • -Applicants should not have any other housing loans with the bank
  • -Applicants should not have any other outstanding loans with the bank

SBI Shaurya Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Borrower profile

Indian Resident

Minimum age

18 years

Maximum age

75 years

SBI Shaurya Home Loan Interest Rates and Charges

The interest rates for SBI Shaurya Home Loan are competitive with other leading banks. The charges, however, may differ.

The interest rates for the sbi shaurya home loan are as below:

Interest Rates Term Loan

8.05% – 8.55%

CRE Home Loan

8.25% – 8.75%


Processing Fee

50% off till 30.09.2022


30 Years

Loan Amount

Up to 80% of the Property

Foreclosure Charges


Monthly Income

Rs.10000 minimum

Lowest EMI per 1 Lakh


SBI Shaurya Home Loan offers competitive interest rates, which are lower than the average interest rates offered by other leading banks. However, while the interest rates will be lower than those offered by most of the other leading banks, it is important to note that SBI charges a higher processing fee than most of the other banks and also charges a higher processing fee for loans that are repaid within five years. To know your EMI with these interest rates, use our emi-calculator.

Banks impose fees and costs on loans that must be paid by the borrower. Understand that the SBI Shaurya home loan includes charges that the bank has established. 

SBI charges for Shaurya housing loan, including processing fees and prepayment penalties, are detailed below:



Processing fee 


Prepayment charges 


CERSAI Registration charges

Rs.50  plus GST for loans up to Rs.5 lakh

Rs.100 plus GST for loans above Rs.5 lakh

Comparison with Other Leading Banks



AXIS Bank Asha Home Loan

Starts at 10.05% onwards 

AXIS Bank Shubh Aarambh Home Loans

Starts at 7.75% onwards

AXIS Bank Fast Forward Home Loans

Starts at 7.75% onwards

AXIS Bank Home Loan

7.75% to 9.40%

AXIS Bank Empower Home Loan

Start at 9.55% onwards 

AXIS Bank Super Saver Home Loan

8.15% to 8.30%

AXIS Bank TopUp Loan

8.90% to 9.15%

SBI NRI Home Loan

6.95% onwards

SBI Flexipay Home Loan

7.40% onwards 

SBI Privilege Home Loan

6.95% onwards 

SBI Regular Home Loan

6.95% onwards 

SBI Pre-approved loan

6.95% onwards 

SBI Realty Home Loan

7.65% onwards

SBI Home Top-Up Loan

7.90% onwards

SBI Bridge Home Loan

9.50% to 10.50%

SBI Tribal Plus Home Loan

6.75% onwards

SBI Earnest Money Deposit

10.45% onwards

SBI Reverse Mortgage Loan

8.05% onwards

SBI CRE Home Loans

7.45% onwards 

HDFC Bank Home Loan

6.95% to 7.50%

Kotak Mahindra Bank Home Loan

7.40% to 9.70%

Yes Bank Home Loan

9.60% to 10.55%

Citi Bank Home Loan

7.34% to 8.29%

ICICI Bank Home Loan

6.95% to 8.05%

Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan

Starting at 8.71%

IDBI Bank Home Loan

7.80% to 8.80%

RBL Bank Home Loan

9.75% to 10.05%

HSBC Bank Home Loan

8.55% to 8.655

HSBC Bank Smart Home Loan

11.005 to 11.505

IndusInd Bank Home Loan

8.00% to 15.00%

Bank of Baroda Home Loan

6.85% to 7.75%

Bank of India Home Loan

6.85% to 7.755

Canara Bank Home Loan

6.90% to 8.90%

Indian Bank Home Loan

7.55% to 8.40%

Punjab National Bank Home Loan

Starting at 7.00%

What are the Benefits of an SBI Shaurya Home Loan?

An SBI Shaurya Home Loan can help you get a home loan with a low-interest rate.

It is easy to apply for an SBI Shaurya Home Loan. You just need to fill out the online application form and submit it.

The process of getting your loan approved is simple and quick. The loan will be sanctioned within 24 hours of submitting the application form.

The Drawbacks of an SBI Shaurya Home Loan

SBI has been in the mortgage business for many years now. The company’s Shauri Home Loan is a product that offers a mix of features and benefits to suit customers’ needs. However, there are some drawbacks to this product as well.

The main drawback is that the Shauri Home Loan does not have any pre-payment options, which means that you will have to pay the entire loan amount at once even if you want to make partial payments. You will also have to pay a 2% annual fee when you take out this loan.

How Can I Apply for an SBI Shaurya Home Loan?

SBI Shaurya Home Loan is a home loan product launched by the State Bank of India. It is meant for those who are looking to buy their first home or upgrade their existing one.

The SBI Shaurya Home Loan has been designed to suit the needs of different segments of society. They offer loans from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 50 crores, with up to 8% interest rate and tenure ranging from 10 years to 20 years. The loan can be availed for both residential as well as commercial properties, depending on the type of property required by the applicant.

The process of applying for an SBI Shaurya Home Loan can be done in two ways. You can apply online or offline by filling out the application form and submitting it to your nearest branch office.

Documents Required for SBI Shaurya Home Loan

  • Application form
  • Passport-size photograph
  • ID Proof: Aadhaar Card, voter ID, passport, PAN Card, Driving License, and Employment ID. 
  • Address Proof: Aadhar Card, driving license, rental agreement, passport, voter ID, and employment ID.

Proof of income

  • Salaried employees: 3 months’ pay stubs, two years’ worth of ITR return or form 16, and two months’ bank statements.
  • Non-salaried/co-applicant: 2 years ITR return, Profit and loss report as well as balance sheet computation that has been signed by CA, and last 6 months’ bank statement.

How Much Will my EMI be?

The EMI is the amount of money that you need to pay every month. It is calculated by taking into account the interest rate and tenure of your loan. The term, in this case, refers to the number of years for which your loan is approved. Use our EMI Calculator to get precise values.

The interest rates for SBI Shaurya Home Loan are as follows:

  • Interest Rate in %: 10.00% – 11.00%
  • Tenure in Years: 15-25 years
  • Discounted Interest Rate in %: 9.00% – 10.50%
  • Tenure in Years: 15-25 years

SBI Shaurya Home Loan Highlights 2022

Interest rate

8.05% p.a.

Loan amount

Based on the customer profile

Loan tenure

Up to 30 years

Processing fee


How to Redeem your SBI-Sharya Home Loan Tax Benefit 

Home loans are a big investment and they have to be taken care of. One way to take care of your home loan is by saving on taxes. SBI-Sharya Home Loan Tax Benefit is a good way to save on tax, as it will help you save up to Rs. 1,00,000 in taxes. To know more, reach us.

There are two ways in which you can avail of this benefit:

1) If you have availed of an interest subvention loan from the government then you can avail of the benefit by simply paying the EMIs for three years

2) If you have not availed of an interest subvention loan from the government then you have to pay EMIs for five years before qualifying for this tax benefit.

To know more about this tax benefit and other benefits that come with an SBI Sharya Home Loan, visit https://www.sbi.co/home-loan/.

Which is preferable: a loan against property or a home loan?

Is a straightforward home loan preferable to borrowing money against a loan against property? As was previously stated, that depends on your goals. If you’re interested in purchasing a home and need the money to do so, you should apply for a home loan. In contrast, if you already own a home or business and you require money to meet particular needs, you would apply for a loan against the property. Know which loan suits you best by reaching us. 


In conclusion, SBI Shaurya Home Loan is a great option for people who are looking for a home loan with reasonable interest rates and easy repayment options. To know more about this home loan and how to apply, Get in touch with us today.

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