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The Top 5 Reasons to
Choose RBL Bank Home Loan

Everyone wants to live in their own home, however, their financial resources are insufficient to cover all of their financial needs without a home loan. Numerous banks and financial organisations across the nation are providing various forms of house loan services at attractive interest rates to aid such people. 

What is RBL Bank Home Loan?

RBL Bank Limited also referred to as The Ratnakar Bank Limited, has been offering financial services for many years. RBL, one of the oldest private sector banks in the nation, has its headquarters in Kolhapur, in the state of Maharashtra. More than 14,000 customers have taken advantage of the bank’s extensive array of banking services, notably home loans, as of today due to feasible RBL bank home loan interest rate.

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RBL Bank Home Loan Details



Interest Rate

9.50% – 12.30%

Loan Amount

Up to 10 crores


25 Years

Processing Fee


Prepayment Charges


Types of RBL Bank Home Loan

1. RBL Bank Home Loan

  • Borrower Profile: Indian Residents only
  • Purpose: A regular home loan scheme is a type of financing that you can use to pay for some of your house-related costs. It’s available for people who are buying a new house or it’s available to people who need the money to extend their current home, renovate it, or repair it. We offer a home loan balance transfer facility to people already borrowing a mortgage. This enables you to swap your current mortgage for one with another lender and save on interest rates in the process.
  • Loan Tenure: About 25 years
  • Loan Amount: As much as Rs. 10 crore

2. RBL Bank Affordable Home Loan

  • Borrower Type: Indian Residents only
  • Purpose: This home loan scheme can be availed for buying, building or renovating a new house/flat. It is also available to those who need a loan to repair, extend or improve an existing home.
  • Loan Tenure: As much as 20 years taken for home loans and up to 15 years for top-up loans
  • Loan Amount: As much as Rs. 30 lakh

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose RBL Bank Home Loan

    1. Attractive interest rates– RBL offers decent interest rates with floating and fixed types based on your preference. This bank has just cut interest rates. This is good news for mortgage shoppers who want to be more aggressive in the housing market. The best part is that mortgage rates can be fixed or adjustable, and both have their advantages.
    2. Low processing fees and less paperwork-RBL Bank offers low processing fees for their home loans, which just means that you would not be paying any hidden charges for your loan. Low processing fees are one of the major USP of this bank and thus it has been able to keep its rates competitive for a long period. They offer1.5% of the loan amount (min. Rs.7,500). The paperwork is not very hectic and easy to meet with RBL bank home loan.
    3. No prepayment charges and Flexible repayment options -RBL Bank is an exception. You can take out money from your home loan account anytime without any prepayment charges. There are two important benefits of this facility. One of them is that you can manage your cash flow as per your requirements and second because this service makes it affordable for the customer to borrow more than they can afford to purchase something expensive like a house or two-storey building or others.

    This will make it easier for first-time home buyers to purchase their houses. They need not worry about taking a huge loan. Flexible repayment options allow borrowers to retain their savings – for emergencies or future needs. The banks offer a range of flexible repayment options to suit different needs. One can choose to pay the loan in a lump sum, in monthly installments, Quarterly installments or Half-yearly installments.

    1. Easy home loan balance transfer- With mortgages, credit cards and student loans, one of the inevitable side effects of life is a high-interest balance that can creep up on you. When this happens, it can be difficult to get ahead because your money is going somewhere else. Home loan balance transfers are an option for those looking to lower their monthly payments and simplify their finances.
    2. A Transparent application process-Transparent application process is one of the most sought-after features of a home loan. RBL bank has taken the initiative to make its application process more transparent by introducing online and in-person registration centres.

    The online registration centres are available in all major cities and offer a streamlined, paperless process that takes less than 10 minutes. The in-person registration centres follow a similar process but with the added benefit of face-to-face interaction with customer service staff for any clarifications or changes.

RBL Bank Home Loan Interest Rate

1. RBL Bank Prime Housing Loan Rates

Loan Amount

Rate of Interest (p.a.)

For Salaried

For Self Employed

Rs. 30.01 – 50 lakh



Above Rs. 50 lakh




2. RBL Bank Affordable Home Loan Interest Rates

Loan Amount

Rate of Interest (p.a.)

Applicants receiving salaries in their bank accounts

Applicants receiving salaries in cash & Self Employed Applicants

Up to Rs. 15 lakh



Rs. 15 – 30 lakh




  1. RBL Bank Affordable Home Loans 2.0 Interest Rates

Loan Amount

Rate of Interest (p.a.)

Applicants receiving salaries in their bank accounts

Applicants receiving salaries in cash & Self Employed Applicants

Up to Rs. 15 lakh



Rs. 15 lakh to Rs 30 Lakh



Reasons for RBL Bank Home Loan Rejection

There are many reasons for RBL Bank Home Loan rejection. Get in touch to know more.

The bank may reject your application if:

  • The applicant’s income is not enough to service the home loan.
  • The applicant’s credit score is too low.
  • The applicant has a bad credit history and defaults on previous loans or has a bankruptcy.
  • There is excessive debt and the applicant does not have a good repayment record.

RBL Bank Home Loan Processing Procedure

The process of getting a home loan from RBL Bank is not only simple but also transparent. The customer can get in touch with the bank for any queries related to the procedure.

The procedure starts with filling up a form that is available on the website and then submitting it. After which, the bank will do a pre-approval of the loan amount and then send an email with all the documents required for processing.

The next step is to submit all documents as per requirement and if everything goes well, they will provide you with a provisional approval letter. The last step is to submit your final documents and sign on dotted lines at the RBL Bank branch or their authorized agent.  Get your home loan now


In the area of personal loans, RBL Bank provides a vast array of services. For any financial service, this is the bank that all types of people choose the most. RBL Bank offers specialised home loan options for building new homes and extending existing ones. RBL Bank Home Loans are individually crafted to meet the demands of unique consumers and are brimming with special incentives with affordable RBL bank home loan interest rate.

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