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Personal loan vs Home loan:
Which offer you the best deal?

Consumers are shifting to personal loans increasingly because banks are becoming more generous with them. What works best for you in the long run? Let us find out by comparing aspects of personal loan vs home loan. 

What is a Home Loan?

A home loan is a type of mortgage that you use to purchase a house. It is typically used by people who want to buy a house without the funds for it upfront or don’t want to pay for it with cash. The idea behind the loan is that you borrow money from the bank and promise to pay it back until the home is paid off. The amount of money on your mortgage varies depending on how much is the value of your home. To know about home loans, reach us.

A home loan is a type of loan that you take out to purchase a home. Home loans can be either fixed-rate or variable-rate loans. The term “home loan” is usually used to refer to mortgages, but it can also refer to other types of loans such as HELOCs (home equity line of credit).

What is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan, on the other hand, is usually used for non-housing-related expenses like car repairs or medical bills. A personal loan is a lump sum of money that you borrow from a financial institution. Personal loans are for larger purchases and can be used for anything from paying off credit card debt to funding your education.

A personal loan is a type of debt that you take out using your own money as collateral. Personal loans are available at both fixed and variable rates, and some offer low-interest rates for people with good credit. For more information, contact us.

Personal loan vs Home loan for Debt-Free Living

Home loans are designed to help people buy a home. They have low-interest rates and allow you to pay the loan off over time with a pre-determined rate. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want to pay off your debts or not. If you do, then a home loan is the best option for you.

If you want to buy a house or start a new business and don’t have the money, then you should consider taking out a personal loan. These loans are beneficial since they provide funds for big investments with low monthly repayments. Many lenders offer personal loans so it’s important to compare them before taking out one. To know the best option, reach out to us.

Interest Rate Mortgage Calculator- Using it to evaluate interest and mortgage payments

An interest rate mortgage calculator is a tool which helps calculate the mortgage payments and the amount of interest that would be paid over a certain period. 

The equation for determining the monthly payment on a loan is: M = I * P * T

where M is the monthly payment, I is the total amount of money in dollars to borrow, P is an annual interest rate expressed as a decimal number and T is the number of years in which you want to pay off your loan.

To determine how much money you need to borrow, simply multiply I by M. If you want your payments to more closely match your income, multiply T by 100.

Use our EMI Calculator for quick calculations.

Personal loan vs Home loan for Monthly Payments

Home loans are generally better when the interest rates are lower, the commute to work is short, and the borrower is planning to stay in their house for a long time.

Personal loans are generally better if you need money now, have a high-interest rate on your current debt, or don’t plan on staying in your house for more than a year.

There are also limitations with home loans that make them not always as advantageous as people may think. One of the major drawbacks of personal loans is that they are typically incurred at higher interest rates than home loans – which will cost much more over time.

Personal Loan vs Home Loan-Things you need to know


When a mortgage or other obligation cannot be repaid, banks and lending institutions may utilise the residence as collateral. Personal loans do not require the same paperwork as home loans, which means that they are fast and simple to apply for.

Sum involved

We have a lot of different loan amounts available, ranging from Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 8 crores. Repaying the loan will depend on variables such as income. Personal loans are offered for sums ranging from a few thousand rupees to as high as Rs 25 lakhs or Rs 40 lakhs when you’re searching for something more flexible. Certain banking organizations offer personal loans of up to Rs 60 lakhs.


Home loans are available with periods ranging from 5 to 30 years. Personal loans, on the contrary hand, range from 12 to 60 months.

EMI payments

The EMI for a house loan is less than that for a personal loan with the same amount since a house loan has a longer payback period. On the other hand, personal loans get a shorter repayment duration, so the EMI is higher.

Processing Time

A home loan takes 3 to 4 weeks to process. The repayment of a personal loan has been accelerated even more via e-banking. For fresh clients, a personal loan might well be approved instantly or within minutes and disbursed within 24 hours.

Interest rates

The interest rate on a house loan is lower than that of the interest rate procured on an unsecured loan because it is a secured loan with security. The current range of interest rates for home loans in India is 6.9% to 8.5%.

Personal loans have much higher interest rates because they are unsecured; they might range from 9.6% to 22%, based on the borrower’s particular profile. Borrowers with poor credit will pay higher interest rates, while those with strong credit will pay lower interest rates.

Tax benefits

There are tax advantages associated with home loans that help borrower to lower their income tax obligation. This may be returned as per schedule by enjoying all the tax benefits. Paying off a personal loan before the maturity date does not give you any benefits tax-wise, given how personal loans are classified.

Personal loan vs Home loan

Basis of distinction

Home loan

Personal loan

Type of loan



Interest rates 

6.65%-9.90 %


Amount disbursed 

Rs 15 lakhs – Rs 10 crores

Few thousand to Rs 60 lakhs


5-35 years

12 to 60 months

Processing time 

3-4 weeks




Not taxable*


Personal loan vs home loan aspects are seen above. These loans are utilised for very different purposes. Knowing the conditions of a loan in full before registering for one may help your financial circumstances. Reach out to us to know more.

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