Home Loans

Check for Home Loan Eligibility:

Bank provide home loans based on your monthly income and the value of your property. You’re eligible to take home loan of 50-60% of your income. Other factor is value of that property.

How is my Home loan
Eligibility Calculated

Home loan are calculated by the complete information about the borrower like- age, income, salary, assets, liabilities, stability and continuity of occupation and savings history. Also Home loan eligibility is analysed based on your repayment capacity and the value of the property.

  • Qualifications
  • Income
  • Spouse’s income
  • Age
  • Stability and continuity of occupation
  • No. of dependants
  • Savings history
  • Assets/Liabilities

Benefits of Home Loans:

  • Deduction on interest
  • Deduction on principal repayment
  • Deduction on stamp duty and registration charges
  • Deduction on pre-construction interest
  • Deduction under Section 80EE

Home loan

Home loan is provided by top banks, but it’s a very daunting task to take decision to opt loan fromcwhich bank. Before taking any home loan you need to collect information about home loans from different banks and analyse or compare the interest rates and return policies. Find the eligibility for taking a loan both from private and government banks. Based on that carry on the analyses which bank is providing you the good offer with flexibility in repayment and affordable such as floating rates. Question yourself all possible options for payments like prepay options or balance transfer.

For all this questions you no need to worry as we are here to assist you to answer the question you confront while planning to take loan until you get loan. A perfect way of taking loan is which gives you lowest rates throughout the tenure, repayment options and also permits you to balance transfer if you wish to.

When to apply for loan?

Home loan is a long term investment plan, generally it may takes more than 20 years to complete. Usually customers preferred loan on floating rate of interest rates. In banks interest rates keep on changing and for more than 20 years that is impossible to decide. So be careful while deciding the interest rates concentrate on long term plan rates so that it will be easy for you in future too.

When you have enough income means your income must be above your monthly expenses budget etc. When you willing to buy the property and you can’t miss the chance to purchase of it or in case if you the property price will raise in future.

From government there is a scheme introduced by Prime Minister called PMAY SCHEME 2017. Under this scheme candidates who has year income up to 12 lakhs per annum can take loans up to 9 lakhs on an interest subsidy of 4 percent on housing loans. And for those earning is 19 lakhs per annum can take loan up to 12lakh on a subsidy of 3 percent on housing loans.

All major banks provide home loans either private or public banks.

Documents required
for home loan?

Usually, the documents required for home loan are same for any banks. But sometimes it vary depending on the specific requirements of the bank. Here is the list of documents needed by financial institutions to process the loan application:

  • Address Proof
  • Income
  • Age Proof
  • Last 6 months bank A/C statement
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant’s co-applicant
  • Income Proof of the applicant’s co-applicant






Employment certificate from the employer

Copy of audited financial statements for the last 2 years


Payslips copies of few months and TDS certificate

Copy of partnership deed if it is a partnership firm or copy of memorandum of association and articles of association if it is a company


Latest Form 16 issued by employer Bank statements

Profit and loss account for the last few years



Income tax assessment order


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