Personal Loans Faq


What is Personal Loan?
What are the Minimum and Maximum Loan amount?
Am I eligible for personal loan?
What’s the minimum personal loan that can I avail?
What is the tenure of a personal loan?
Is there any possibility to apply for personal loan jointly with my spouse?
What are the steps to be followed for loan approval?
What are the mandatory documents required for applying Personal Loan?
How to decide from which bank/ financial institution we can opt for loan?
How to repay the personal loan?
How banks calculate the maximum amount of loan that I can get?
Choosing lowest EMI is good for loan repayment?
What are the extra charge needs to pay apart from interest rates for taking personal loans?
Are personal loan interest rates floating or fixed?
What is the difference between reducing and flat interest rate?
What is relationship discount?
Is there any tax benefits associated with personal loans?
What’s the difference between Pre-payment, part-payment and Pre-closure? Are there any changes concerned to this?
How personal loans is differs from credit card loan?