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Exploring the problem of rehabilitating nations after civil wars, this examine reveals that trying to rework war-shattered states into liberal democracies with industry economies can backfire badly. Roland Paris contends that the swift creation of democracy and capitalism within the absence of potent associations can elevate instead of lessen the chance of renewed struggling with. A more advantageous method of post-conflict peacebuilding will be to introduce political and financial reform in a steady and regulated demeanour.

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The fact that these agencies tended to promote liberalization as a remedy for civil conflict reflected another major change that occurred in world politics at the end of the Cold War: the perceived triumph of liberal market democracy as the prevailing standard of enlightened governance across much of the world, including places where it had been anathema only a few years earlier. xml CY338/Paris 20 0521834120 March 5, 2004 8:37 Foundations liberalism’s principal ideological competitor, Soviet-style communism.

It is clear,” wrote David Chandler in 1999, “that we have witnessed a major transformation in the language 101 103 105 102 For example, VeneKlasen 1996. Neier 1993, p. 47. 104 Carothers 1994, p. 112. For example, Oxfam 1995. 106 Fernando and Heston 1997, p. 14. Williams and Young 1994, p. 98. xml CY338/Paris 34 0521834120 March 5, 2004 8:37 Foundations and themes of international relations. ”107 This observation applies directly to the international organizations described here, which exhibited a newfound and “unprecedented commitment .

111. 32 Gershman 1993, p. 9. Jakobson 1993, p. 23. xml CY338/Paris 0521834120 The Origins of Peacebuilding March 5, 2004 8:37 23 state. 33 The General Assembly underscored the organization’s more active support for representative democracy by passing a resolution in December 1991 declaring that “periodic and genuine elections” are a “crucial factor in the effective enjoyment . . 36 The resolution passed by a vote of 51–0 with two abstentions: China and Cuba. The UN Development Program, the world’s largest multilateral grantmaking agency, also embraced the goal of democratization after the Cold War.

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