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Because in this Treatise Nagarjuna's other work, the Middle Treatise. is quoted by himself. its composition probably belongs to Nagarjuna's later period, and it should be inĀ­ vestigated as an expression of his mature thought (p. 2). 607a). Lamotte says: We see that the triumph of "Kao tso" over the Tirthikas, as it is related here in the Mpps, agrees perfectly with the biographies of Nagarjuna written in the same spirit and with identical preoccupations. It would be rather tempting to identify "Kao tso" with Nagarjuna.

I bow reverently to Gautama. who. taking compassion. taught the True Dharma. 30) (Prasannapadii. p. 592). These stanzas, the most widely-quoted of any in Nagarjuna's works, state the central Madhyamika positions on the problem of being, and the position of the Madhyamika among the Buddhist sects. No duality is admitted and no monadic unity is affirmed. The Madhyamikas revere Sakyamuni as the author of this teaching, and connect compasĀ­ sion with the elimination of wrong views. When the identity of the Tathagata with the world and of nirvarya with samsala is realized, then f wrong views are not held.

I I These stanzas concern the problem of motion and rest. Going is treated as a relation between agent and locus, and so comes within the range of dichotomy and reduction to quandary as applied to all dyadic relations. -~ ~ .. --:. /~~~, :~ .... 1! I l Early Indian Madhyamika 43 27. No space occurs previous to the mark of space; if it were previous to its mark, the absurdity would ensue that it is markless. No markless existent occurs anywhere; when no markless existent exists, to what could the mark go?

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