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Drawing on case-studies from the industrialization of East and Southeast Asian countries, this article seriously examines the structural adjustment guidelines utilized in Africa because the Nineteen Eighties. The Asian kingdom reviews comprise Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Meiji Japan.

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The main route to upward mobility was via the public sector. In contrast, under the Hong Kong colonial government, British officials monopolized the civil service making the pursuit of bureaucratic office unavailable to the Chinese population. The pursuit of wealth became respectable and promoted by a set of policies which encouraged industrial and commercial activities. Without even comparing the social structures of Africa relative to Hong Kong, the applicability of the Hong Kong approach seems somewhat limited.

Is that promotion of specific industries generally did not work and therefore holds little promise for other developing economies'(World Bank, 1993, p. 24). This position also places the study squarely in the neo-classical paradigm and is contrary to the case studies in this book. Howard Stein 25 7. The Bank in the Asian miracle study recognizes how important public funding was to the expansion of primary enrolment and vocational training and in turn how central these were to the development of a suitable labor force for industry (World Bank, 1993, pp.

For example, Chhibber (1989), examining data from India from 1954/55 to 1977/78, finds that the long run elasticity of supply with respect to nonprice variables is three times as high as the price elasticity. 12. In Tanzania the real minimum wage fell by 33 per cent from mid-1986 to the end of 1988. 3 kilograms of maize meal per day or around 40 per cent of the calories necessary for a family (using this highly unbalanced diet as a nutritional source). In household surveys the amount spent on food on average for a family of four was six to eight times the minimum wage.

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