Airways Smooth Muscle: Biochemical Control of Contraction - download pdf or read online

By Apolinary Sobieszek (auth.), Dr. David Raeburn, Dr. Mark A. Giembycz (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3034876815

ISBN-13: 9783034876810

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ISBN-13: 9783034876834

1. delicate Muscle Myosin: Molecule Conformation, Filament meeting and linked Regulatory Enzymes.- 2. Actin and Thin-Filament-Associated Proteins in tender Muscle.- three. present innovations on Mechanisms of strength new release in airlines delicate Muscle.- four. Phosphoinositidase C, Inositol Polyphosphates and strength new release of airlines gentle Muscle.- five. The Intracellular Calcium shop in airlines gentle Muscle.- 6. present innovations on Mechanisms of strength upkeep in airlines gentle Muscle.- 7. Diglyceride, Protein Kinase C and strength upkeep of airlines tender Muscle.- eight. resources of Activator Calcium for strength new release and upkeep of airlines delicate Muscle.- nine. G-Proteins in airlines delicate Muscle.- 10. Cyclic AMP and the regulate of airlines soft Muscle Tone.- eleven. Myosin Dephosphorylation as a Mechanism of leisure of airlines gentle Muscle.- 12. Cyclic GMP and the regulate of airlines delicate Muscle Tone.- thirteen. Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases in airlines gentle Muscle.- 14. Modulation of Agonist-Stimulated Phosphoinositide Turnover in airlines soft Muscle through Cyclic Nucleotide-Dependent and autonomous Mechanisms.- 15. airlines gentle Muscle Cells in tradition.

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73. Somlyo AV, Butler TM, Bond M, Somlyo AP. Myosin filaments have non-phosphorylated light chains in relaxed smooth muscle. Nature 1981; 294: 567-570. 74. Tsukita S, Usukura J, Ishikawa H. Myosin filaments in smooth muscle cells of the guinea pig taenia coli: a freeze-substitution study. Eur J Cell Bioi 1982; 28: 195 - 20 I. 75. Huxley HE, Brown W. The low-angle X-ray diagram of vertebrate striated muscle and its behaviour during contraction and rigor. J Mol Bioi 1967; 30: 383-434. 76. Lowy J, Poulsen FR, Vibert PJ.

It is sufficiently long to span 3 actin subunits along the length of the actin filament. 2. Thin Filament Structure The stoichiometry of actin:tropomyosin:caldesmon in intact thin filaments from chicken gizzard has been reported to be 14: 2: 1 [162, 163]. 5 nm. They run along the interface between actin outer subdomains 1 and 2 (making contacts with amino acid residues of actin: 28, 95, 147 and 336) (state off) [3] (and references therein). In the presence of Ca2+ and Sl they occupy a position between subdomains 3 and 4 (making contact with actin around amino acid residues 215 and 307) (state on) [3].

Electron microscopic studies of myosin molecules from chicken gizzard muscle I: the formation of the intramolecular loop in the myosin tail. J Biochem 1982; 92: 871-879. 6. Okamoto Y, Sekine T. Involvement of 17K dalton light chain of smooth muscle myosin in substrate-induced conformational change. J Biochem 1980; 87: 167-78. 7. Hasegawa Y, Morita F. Role of 17-kDa essential light chain isoforms of aorta smooth muscle myosin. J Biochem 1992; Ill: 804-9. 8. Morita J-I, Takashi R, Ikebe, M. Exchange of the fluorescence-labeled 20000-dalton light chain of smooth muscle myosin.

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Airways Smooth Muscle: Biochemical Control of Contraction and Relaxation by Apolinary Sobieszek (auth.), Dr. David Raeburn, Dr. Mark A. Giembycz (eds.)

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