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This advent, the sister ebook to the ABC Card Deck, is a brand new method of dry and formal education and alter courses. Making powerful and sound issues with a splash of humor, it used to be designed and drawn by means of Paul Wilkinson and Jan Schilt. It covers the tender abilities, that are finally pivotal to any ICT operation.

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Example: “Incident 1 was really well handled. The customer was happy and it really helped us in terms of the information we got from the support team (support team does good work that adds value). Unfortunately the second incident caused us and the user a lot of pain, (support team failed to deliver). What can we do to ensure we can get the timely status information like we did with incident 1? That would be beneficial to our guys and the users. “Encouragement”. It sounds a lot like soft gooey, feely stuff that doesn’t fit into the hard techy world of IT, but research reveals that giving positive feedback improves performance by more that 35%.

Must continually analyze and improve processes. 11. Must learn to ensure process design and process delivery are aimed at realizing demonstrable results. 12. Must devote a large part of their time to motivating and winning over people. 13. Must facilitate operational staff in realizing their change in ABC. Operational staff: 1. Must accept the need to change ways of working. 2. Must understand how their roles and activities contribute to overall success. 3. Must show personal ownership and accountability for process working.

How do you recognize the attitude of somebody towards something? An attitude towards something is often difficult to recognize. Often the attitude is characterized in the form of non-verbal communication. Body language. People give away their attitude by the way they sit, the way they look or avert their eyes, the way they sit with arms crossed, the way they react to events or situations, the way they behave. If an employee sits slumped in a chair, Chapter 4 • What is ABC? 39 staring more out of the window or answering his SMSs, continually sighs and nods his head from side to side, then declares “I fully support the initiatve you can count on me 100%”, you can almost guarantee that his attitude will not stimulate the desired behavior.

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