Anya Peters's Abandoned : the true story of a little girl who didn't PDF

By Anya Peters

ISBN-10: 0007245726

ISBN-13: 9780007245727

ISBN-10: 0007245742

ISBN-13: 9780007245741

A heartbreaking real tale of 1 little girl's seek to discover a spot she may name home.


Separated from her genuine mom at start, Anya grew up in terror of her drunken bullying uncle. overwhelmed, humiliated and sexually abused by way of him from the age of six, she notion her existence could not get Read more...

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Before her visits, my brothers and sisters led by my uncle would mimic and ridicule her: the way she walked and talked; her gentleness and dainty ‘put on’ manners, as my uncle called them. I laughed shyly along with everyone else, always trying to fit in, to be accepted. I thought that if my uncle could see how much I hated her, then maybe he wouldn’t say those things about me any more, and would let me belong there with the rest of them. But although I played along, I couldn’t stop the defensive feelings that flared up inside me when the others laughed about her.

I was forced to sit and watch it all after the others had been shouted off to bed. Warned not to cry, pushing my fist or my fingers or my shirt cuffs into my mouth, chewing down on them or the inside of my cheek until my mouth filled with the taste of blood. My shoulders heaving up around my ears, unable to breathe properly as Mummy’s screams tore through me. I feel myself slipping away, the room floating in and out, the sounds of her blouse being ripped as he drags her through the archway, shouting that he wants her out too, his knees and fists punching into her as she struggles up and kicks back; vile names I don’t yet know the meaning of screamed into both of us.

Search all you like, there are none left, you madman,’ she screamed, as he stamped around the rooms, slamming drawers in the kitchen, opening and closing cupboards, pulling things out onto the floor. He finally came back with some, throwing the blue airmail envelopes with their stripy red and blue border down with the address book onto the glass and ordering me to find Kathy’s address in it and to write it on one. ’ I went to bed convinced each time that the letter would be posted and that his threats to send me over to ‘them’, ‘on the next boat’, would finally be carried out.

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