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By C. A. Spinage

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This carried the highest density of waterbuck found in the Park. As already noted, it was characterized by the presence of a vigorous growth of Acacia sieberiana regeneration in parts of its area. Other than waterbuck, animal numbers were remarkably low: an aerial count in June 1966 revealed only about 226 buffalo, and 46 Fig. 15. M a p of the Overgrazed Study Area, showing main topographical features. Study Area 45 elephants. Hippopotamuses were numerous along the lake shore, but 171 were removed in culling operations.

M Fig. io. M a p of the Rwenzori National Park; showing the main study areas, blocked, and the game count areas, stippled. Fig. 11. Map of the north-east part of the Rwenzori Park, showing the Crater Highlands. 32 The Uganda Waterbuck Climate Rainfall in the Park ranges from 1200 mm per year to less than 800 mm; the central area lying in a rain shadow which probably results from interference with circulation patterns by the Rwenzoris to the north, and the Kichwamba escarpment to the south-east (Fig.

Cementum lines are regions which, preferably when subjected to histological staining techniques, but sometimes without, can be seen in section under the microscope as sequential dark-staining striae in the cementum of the tooth. Their physiological basis is as yet undetermined, but they appear to represent regions of interrupted or retarded growth of the ostein matrix. A correlation can be found between this interrupted, or retarded, growth and the seasons, one bold line per year being evident in temperate zones and two in equatorial zones.

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