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Is the in weight falls from the a distance of 40 feet. momentum? Compare the amounts of momentum in a pillow of 20 pounds which has fallen vertically i foot and an ounce bullet moving at 200 feet per second. 6. What force will in one minute give a weight of a velocity of 10 miles per hour? i ton KINETICS How 7. 33 long must a force of 20 pounds act on a weight of 512 tons to give it a velocity of i foot per second? 8. The moving force is 3 pounds and the weight acted Find the distance described in ten 10 pounds.

Motion on a Smooth Inclined Plane. strike the first vessel 19. (Fig. 10) be the vertical Let AB sec- smooth plane maka ing given angle 6 with the horizon tal. Let P be the tion of a particle which moves on the plane. The downward tion of the moving due to gravity its accelera- components, and along the plane for particle Resolve this acceleration into is g. it is evident that the acceleration g sin is a falling body, we 0, Hence in the formulas need only substitute g sin d iorg, EXAMPLES V 1. Show that the velocity acquired by a body in slid- ing from rest down a smooth plane of length k is the same as that acquired by a body in falling freely through the which the body is above the horizontal.

6] o / _vi^ ~ Sin . g is / (tt — 6. Then 2 — 2^) \ o ~ vi"^ g for d . sin 2S g which shows that the same horizontal range and — since , o Suppose the angle of projection -p be easily seen to is given 6. 2 All of the preceding discussion has been entirely theoretical, and of no practical use, since the resist- ance of the air plays a very important part in the study of projectiles. EXAMPLES VI 1. A bullet is projected with a velocity of 500 feet per second at an angle of 40° with the horizontal.

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