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Finally, the survey instruments are specifically designed to obtain information on the sorts of behavior being studied. , that are the primary focus of the incomemaintenance experiments. Although experimental data have a number of advantages over nonexperimental data for estimating the labor supply responses to alternative nationwide NIT programs, there are a number of characteristics of the design of SIME/DIME and the other experiments that must be accounted for when measuring responses. 10 Because of this, a methodology for extrapolating experimental results to the nation was developed.

The major reason is the large number of families with zero wage and salary income reported on all instruments. A contributing factor early in the experiment was the nonexistence of IRF data prior to enrollment. Periodic interview data were collected retrospectively from 1970 forward in both sites but IRF data began with the month of enrollment. Enrollment was spread over the first year or so of the experiment, 1971 in Seattle and 1972 in Denver. This caused the greatest reduction in the sample in the annual gross earning category, where a single period of missing IRF data was sufficient to exclude the family record for that year.

Of course, one could be unlucky and generate a random assignment with large differences between expérimentais and controls; but such an occurrence is very unlikely with large samples. However, as we have already discussed, persons in SIME/DIME were not assigned to the various treatments in a purely random fashion. Rather, the probability of being assigned to any particular treatment depended on three characteristics of the family: an estimate of the family's normal income level, the race of the family head, and whether the family was headed by a husband and wife or a single person.

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