Home Loans Faq


Can I have a Home Loan for the complete property value?
Who else can sign along with me in Home Loan? Is it okay to co-sign a Home Loan for a flat by my friend?
Can I avail tax benefit for Home Loan?
What are the prepayments charges for Home Loan?
How many candidates can co-sign a Home Loan along with me?
What are the factors to consider while applying for the perfect Home Loan?
What are the different types of Home Loans?
What are the top Home loan bank/financial institutions in India?
What is the tenure of a home loan?
What are the factors that bank consider when issuing a Home loan?
Can I apply Home loan with my friend as a joint loan?
Can I change my interest rate type from floating to fixed rate?
Which is type of bank is better to apply for Home loan public or private?
What are the charges associated with home loan?
Is lender allow me to sell my car, before the complete payment of my car loan to another?
What are the tax benefits associated with home loan?
What is a top up loan?
What’s the role played by good credit record in case of a home loan?
What if I have a low credit score, still can I get the Home loan or my loan won’t be get sanctioned?
What is Home loan preapproval?