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Car Loans

At some point of time in our life, we come across with the need of having a car. You no need to worry for buying a car. As car loans assist you in getting your dreams come true. If you really wish to have car and don’t have enough funds. May be your thinking to wait for some years to meet your fund needs. No need to wait for such a long time to own year dream car. We can make this easy for you, it’s a one step closer for you to become an owner of your car.

Why should we go for car loan?

A car loan will assist you to own a dream car without paying the full amount upfront. Some of the features which make a car loan more worthwhile are:

  • Competitive and attractive rates of interests
  • Deduction in tax if vehicle is deployed for business purposes
  • Comfortable tenure and flexible contract conditions for loan
  • Candidates with good package on permanent basis can opt for car loan
  • Extremely Low processing fees and prepayment charges
  • You can easily get car loans from maximum banks, they offer up to 100% finance on ex-showroom price and usually provide up to 85% of car finance on ex- showroom price is offered.

Who can benefit more from car loan?

Car loan interest rate are not same for every borrower, it may vary from person to person based on different parameters. Here are some of the parameters that would lower your interest rates:

  • Employees of top 500 companies will get lower interest rates.
  • Candidates, who has salary account in same bank will get lower interest rates.
  • Based on the amount of loan you take depending on your income per month. Candidates may get some waiver or lower interest rate on total loan amount.
car loans

Check for Car Loan Eligibility:

For getting a car loan a candidate must have to satisfy the minimum criteria:

  • Kind of employment
  • Period of employment
  • Age
  • Income
  • Previous running EMI’s
  • Transaction History
  • CIBIL score

Documents For salaried

one Color Photo

Permanent Address proof

Latest 3 months payslips

Latest 4 months Bank Statement

Latest Year Form-16

3 Years of Job experience letters.

List of documents for Professionals

Two Color Photo

I.D Proof

Adrdress proof with present residence

Permanent Address proof

3 years I.T.R/3 months payslips

Latest 6 months Bank Statement

Qualification certificat/registration certificate

experience Certificates

List of documents for Self Employees

Two Color Photo

I.D Proof

Adrdress proof with present residence

Permanent Address proof(Own House proof)

3 years I.T.R

6 months Bank Statement

Business Proof


Car Loans F.A.Q