Car Loan Faq

What is a Car Loan?
Can I apply for car loan for a used car?
Does a car loan require any collateral to submit?
What’s the maximum limit for applying car loan?
What are the documents required for applying car loan?
What’s the time period for your car loan to be repay?
What’s the minimum salary margin for applying a car loan?
For applying car loan, do I need a co-borrower?
What are the cases for which car loan can’t be sanctioned?
Is there any tax benefits for car loan?
Is there any way to negotiate the car interest rates?
What is the impact of MCLR implementation on Car Loan EMI?
Does Car loan cover the amount which you have to pay for insurance or registration at the time of buying?
Can car loan be pre-paid?
Is lender allow me to sell my car, before the complete payment of my car loan to another?
How to repay the car loan EMI?
What is the situation, if I unable to pay the EMI of my car loan on time?